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Plantronics Savi W710-HL10 Monaural Wireless Headset Bundle

$369.99 SKU: 2325N

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Product Description

Key Features:

  • Monaural, over the head, single ear wireless headset and handset lifter bundle
  • Noise canceling microphone
  • Adjustable headband
  • Up to 350 feet of range
  • Triple connectivity - Desk phone, PC and Bluetooth phone
  • Microphone and speaker volume adjust with mute
  • Remote call answering up to 350 feet away from the desk
  • 1 year warranty

The Plantronics Savi W710 triple connection, mono headset is a durable, smartly designed wireless headset.  If you want a solid headset that has great sound and eliminates unwanted background noise, then consider the Savi W710.  

Remote call answer/end. If missing calls, retreiving messages, returning calls and playing phone tag is the game of choice, then clearly this isn't the product for you.  However, if you dislike missing important calls, don't like the time required to take down messages and return calls, then the Savi W710 might just be the ticket.  If you step away from your desk and receive an incoming call, the W710's handset lifter (model HL10), detects the incoming call and sends a signal to your headset where you get a subtle beep tone alerting you of your incoming call.  Once notified, you can elect to take the call by pressing the call control button located on the side of the W710 headset top.  While on the call, you can increase or decrease your hearing volume and you can mute the microphone as well.  Once you've completed your call, you can end it while away from your desk by pressing the call control button once more.  Simple, efficient and helps to keep you connected even when the call of business takes you away from your work area.

3 is better than 1. The Savi W710 gives you three connections, not just one.  Typical wireless headsets connect to your desk phone only.  This doesn't address the need for webinars, desktop video conferencing, Ad Hoc teleconferences and more.  The Savi W710 keeps you connected by giving you ONE headset for all three connections; Desk Phone, PC and Bluetooth mobile phone.  Mobile phone calls can even be answered when you don't have the mobile phone with you (up to 350 feet from your Saiv W710 base).  Best of all, connecting this device to all three is super simple which helps to make the Savi line of headsets the go to product for multi-device connectivity.

Collaboration comes wth the W710.  If you are like many of our customers, you have a need for conducting periodic phone training.  You might also have a need for teams to collaborate on important phone calls.  Sure, you can use a conference room if it's available and the conference phone is operating properly.  Instead, consider the Savi W710.  You can train staff on phone specifics by joining up to a total of 4 headsets on to one call.  This is great for training and doesn't require any special adapters to figure out and connect.  Additionally, you can use this same feature for Ad Hoc teleconference calls.  Each of the 4 parties can be at their chosen location (within 350 feet from their Plantronics base) and all can be collaborating efficiently in this decentralized manner.  This proves useful as each person can be at their desk for example, accessing their PC data and files which can help enhance the meeting content.

Warranty - the best in the business.  The Plantronics Savi W710 comes with a factory 1 year warranty with advance repalcement.  No other company makes the in-warranty process so simple.  Add to that you get advance replacement (unusual in the industry for sure) and you're well on your way to a great experience.  If that weren't enough, you also get free lifetime support from Merritt Communications.  Not only are we here to help you with any questions and recommendations but we assist you in a hands on way with all your in and out of warranty matters.  This truly helps to make things so simple and we think you'll come to really appreciate our difference.

Other Details

Manufacturer Part #:
Savi W710
Noise Canceling Microphone:
Voice Tube Microphone:
Adjustable microphone boom arm:
Adjustable Headband:
Up to 350 feet
Batter Talk Time:
Up to 13 hours
# of speakers:
1 - Monaural Headset Design
Replaceable ear cushion:
3 - Desk Phone, PC & Bluetooth mobile phone
Simple pairing:
Yes - dock headset & press 1 button twice
# of headsets that can be paired:
Up to 4 total
Speaker volume control:
Microphone volume control:
Remote call answer:
Yes - up to 350 feet from base
Remote call end:
Yes - up to 350 feet from base
1 year

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