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Troubleshooting Tips VTech ErisStation VCS702 Conference Phone

Posted by Drew Merritt on

If you are having issues with your VTech ErisStation VCS702 then you'll want to follow our troubleshooting steps below. You can also give our customer support team a call at 1-800-683-5716 or email us at  [email protected]

My VTech ErisStation VCS702 isn't working at all.

After powering up the conference phone with the correct setup. The LCD screen will show the default name of the base "ErisStation". Press talk/off and you will hear a dial tone. if this does not happen follow the instructions below (see our setup guide of the VTech ErisStation VCS702 for proper setup information).

  • Make sure the DC power cable is securely plugged into the base unit and power adapter
  • Make sure the telephone line cord is plugged firmly into the power adapter and wall jack.
  • Make sure the AC power cord is plugged securely into the power adapter and wall outlet

The LCD display shows no line. I cannot hear a dial tone.

Disconnect the telephone line cord from the power adapter and plug it into a working telephone. If the other telephone does not work, the problem is probably in the telephone line cord. Try replacing the telephone line cord.

If the telephone line cord has been replaced and both the VTech ErisStation VCS702 and the other telephones don't work, the problem is in the wall jack, wiring or telephone/PBX service.

  • If you are using a public switched telephone network line, contact your telephone service provider.
  • If you are using a PBX extension line contact your PBX system admin.
  • If you have changed your telephone service to digital service from a cable company or to Voice Over iP (VOIP), the telephone line may need to be rewired to allow the existing telephone jack to work. 

I cannot dial out.

  • Try all the above suggestions
  • Make sure there is a dial tone before dialing 
  • If other telephones are having issues in your office the problem is the wiring or your telephone service. 
  • Eliminate any background noise by moving to a more quiet room. 
  • If you have changed your telephone service to a digital service from a cable company or to VOIP service, the telephone line may need to be rewired to allow the existing jack to work. 
  • If you are using a PBX line and want to dial an external number, make sure the dialing prefix (usually 9) followed by a dialing pause (press and hold 0 until a P appears) are inserted before the external number.

The base unit does not ring when there is an incoming call.

  • Make sure the ringer on the VTech ErisSation VCS702 is not turned off
  • Double check that everything is plugged in properly
  • There may be too many extension phones on the telephone line to allow all of them to ring simultaneously. Unplug some of them. 
  • If other telephones in your office are having the same issue the problem is in the wiring or telephone/PBX service. 
  • If the line cord has been replaced and both the VTech ErisStation VCS702 and the other telephones do not ring the issue is in the the wall jack wiring or telephone/PBX service. 
  • Unplug the the AC power cord from the wall outlet, wait for about 15 seconds and plug it back in. If you still cannot see "ErisStation" on the LCD contact our customer support team at 1-800-683-5716.

My wireless microphones do not work at all.

The wireless mic only works when the base unit is powered properly and the mic is lifted from the base unit. 

If the wireless mic works when lifted from the base unit the status indicator under the mute all button turns green within 2 seconds when you press talk off on the base unit. 

  1. Remove the battery from the battery compartment
  2. Insert the battery again and secure the battery door. Then return the wireless mic back to base unit.
  3. Make sure the wireless mic is placed properly in the base unit. The status indicator under mute all should turn orange.

If the status indicator remains off at the time the wireless mic is returned back to the base unit, the wireless mic, battery or base unit is defective. Contact our customer support team for help, a-800-683-5716. 

The wireless mic may have lost its connection to the base unit. Follow our guide on how to register your wireless mic back to the charging base.

The callers can't hear me when I'm using the wireless microphone.

  • Make sure the wireless microphone is not muted during the call.
  • Move the wireless microphone closer to the base unit. It may be out of range.
  • Reset the base unit by unplugging the AC power adapter and letting it sit for 15 seconds, then plug it back in. Allow at least a minute for the wireless mic and base to resubscribe
  • If you are using more then one VTech ErisStation VCS702 in your office, use the page system to identify the wireless mic that goes to which base. 
  • Other electronics like HAM radios and other DECT can cause interference. Try installing your conference phone as far away from these devices as possible 

Status indicator on the wireless microphone flashes orange.

  • Place the wireless mic back in the charging base to recharge

For the best battery life performance

  • Charge the wireless microphones for 8 hours before first use
  • Return the wireless microphones back to the charging base after use. Charge for at least 30 minutes before subsequent users.

Status Indicator on the wireless microphone flashes orange even after being charged.

The efficiency of the battery might have been reduced after being used for some time.

  • Make sure the wireless mic is placed in the charging base correctly.
  • Remove battery and re-plug it back in and use until the battery is fully depleted and then charge the microphone for 8 hours.
  • If the above steps do nothing to help, then give our sales team a call at 1-800-683-5715 to replace the battery or order through our website by clicking here.

There is interference during a phone call and my calls fade out when using the wireless mic. 

  • Move the wireless microphone closer to the base unit. It may be out of range.
  • If you subscribe to DSL through your telephone line, you must install a DSL filter between the telephone line cord and the telephone wall jack. the filter prevents noise and caller ID problems caused from DSL interference. 
  • Appliances plugged into the same circuit can cause interference. Try moving these appliances or the base unit to another outlet.
  • Other electronics such as HAM radios and other DECT phones can cause interference's with your conference phone. Try install your conference phone as far away from these devices.
  • If your telephone is plugged into a modem or surge protector, plug the telephone into a different location. If this doesn't solve the issue relocate your telephone or modem further apart from each other or use a different surge protector. 

I hear other calls when using the telephone.

  • Disconnect the base unit from the telephone wall jack. Plug in a different telephone. If you still hear other calls the problem is probably in the wiring or telephone/PBX service. Contact your telephone service provider.

My caller ID features are not working properly. 

If you are using a PSTN line follow the details below.

  • Caller ID is a subscription service. You must subscribe to this service from your telephone service provider for this feature to work on your telephone. 
  • The caller may not be calling from an area that supports caller ID 
  • Both your and the callers telephone service providers must use equipment compatible with the caller ID service. 
  • The caller ID information shows after the first or second ring.
  • The VTech ErisStation VCS702 does not receive caller ID while on a call.

For common questions about the VTech ErisSation VCS702 vist our blog on the most FAQ.

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