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Plantronics CS540 Installation/Setup Guide

Posted by David Merritt on

There are several ways you can install your plantronics cs540 (c054/CO54) depending upon the type of phone you have and if you have a lifter or EHS cable.

Configuration 1 - Headset without lifter or EHS cable plugged into a telephone without a "headset port"

*Why would you use this configuration?* Because you didn't purchase an HL10 lifter or an EHS Cable AND you have a phone that only has a port for your handset cord (The coil cord that attaches to your handset).

Step 1: Remove the handset coil cord from your telephone (typically located on the back of the telephone/ or side of the telephone) 

Step 2: Plug in the Plantronics line cord (the black cord that has the small square box) the larger side plug will plug into the headset base, the other smaller end will plug into the handset port on your telephone, where you remove the handset coil cord.

Step 3: Now plug in the coil cord you previously removed from the telephone, into the small square box located mid way on the Plantronics line cord

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